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Pan Con Podcast, An Excerpt

Boats in Harbor

A few weeks ago I sat down for an interview for a podcast named “Pan Con Podcast”. The person that the show stars is Chef Mike Beltran of Ariete Restaurant, (as well as a few other fine places in town). I first came to know Michael when he came to work for me in the kitchens of a place I had in Coral Gables named, “Norman’s 180”. From the very beginning I could see he was a chef and a person with purpose and drive. Mike along with the show’s producer Nicolás Antonio Jiménez and I sat down in the patio area of the Coconut Grove restaurant, (which I highly recommend) and recorded their podcast in its entirety. In fact… we were so busy in conversation Nick shot and recorded not one, but two episodes. Mike and I have the kind of bond that will do that. And did. I hope you go to your favorite way to receive and listen to podcasts and subscribe to “Pan Con Podcast”. I have.

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