Why I Wrote ‘My Florida Kitchen’

WHY I WROTE, ‘MY FLORIDA KITCHEN’ I wrote my sixth cookbook, “My Florida Kitchen” because I felt it was time for an update on our rapidly changing state. The last cookbook written on the whole of Florida was an excellent book written by Caroline Stuart and Jeanne Voltz titled “The Florida Cookbook”….

Books & Books, A Florida Treasure

I am very happy to read this New York Times article about Mitchell Kaplan and his beautiful bookstores, “Books & Books”. I have admired them from the small original one in Coral Gables to the others from Miami Beach to Key West and beyond. I’m also very happy that on April 11th…

Barbecue Season Is Here!

In Chicago in 1956 one of the welders at Weber Brothers Metal Works named George Stephen, made a grill by cutting a metal buoy in half. The Weber folks were already making grills. They’d begun to do that in 1952. But George Stephen made his with said buoy and a giant shift…

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