James Beard Award
James Beard Award
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“In his love letter to Florida’s abundant seafood, tropical produce and multicultural flavors, Norman Van Aken weaves lore and stories among his recipes.”

— Edible South Florida

“Before the celebrity chef craze… before the start of Food Network, Norman Van Aken was starting a revolution. He was doing something unheard of at the time, taking local ethnic flavors, merging them together at restaurants where he worked.”

— The Smithsonian

“Norman Van Aken is probably the most literary focused Chef in America.”

— Charlie Trotter

“The Big Dog of Florida Cooking”

— Anthony Bourdain

“He was a legend before his time!”

— Andrew Zimmern, TV Host

“Chef Norman has always been a mentor to me on many levels over the years.”

— Nina Compton, Chef, Restaurateur, James Beard Award Recipient

“An excellent collection of recipes that showcase the abundance of seafood and fresh produce of Florida combined with Cuban, Caribbean, and South American influences.”

— Emeril Lagasse

“Norman Van Aken is a pioneer in Miami for creating modern cuisine inspired by Latin American and Florida flavors. Norman Van Aken’s Florida Kitchen embodies this creativity and excitement and pays homage to the melding of traditions and innovation. A new essential!”

— Eric Ripert, chef and co-owner, Le Bernardin

“The father of Florida cuisine has delivered once again! Packed with delicious recipes and peppered with witty humor, this cookbook defines the food of the Sunshine State and offers insight into the great mind of one of America’s most talented and celebrated chefs.”

— Virginia Willis, author of Lighten Up, Y’all: Classic Southern Recipes Made Healthy and Wholesome

“Vast and delicious, nuanced and intelligent, this essential book reaches as far back as our colonial history and leaps forward to a new and vibrant culinary landscape that speaks not only for Florida but for America as a whole.”

— Edward Lee, chef and author of Smoke and Pickles: Recipes and Stories from a New Southern Kitchen

“The term ‘fusion’ in cooking, pioneered by Norman Van Aken, motivated me to want to explore the world as a young cook in the ’90s. Norman Van Aken’s Florida Kitchen sheds a light on that revolutionary time and its ongoing role in American cuisine through stories and recipes.”

— Alon Shaya, executive chef and partner, Shaya

“Norman Van Aken is single-handedly the greatest influencer of new American cuisine.”

— Vinny Dotolo, chef and co-owner, animal
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