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Resident Living Magazine wrote and published this fine article on our new location and restaurant in Orlando. Click the link and have a read! Even better … come dine with us soon! #normans #normanvanaken #orlando #newworldcuisine #jamesbeardawarded #residentlivingmagazine…

Norman’s Orlando

NORMAN’s Opens on Orlando’s Restaurant Row

“Founding Father of New World Cuisine” unveils new culinary concept featuring both fine dining and inspired casual cuisine experiences under the same roof. Now open, NORMAN’S is a 7,300-square-foot culinary destination offering both fine dining and casual cuisine experiences, in addition to two private event spaces. The dramatic 80-seat Main…



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The Typewriter

“If the map of the world were a tablecloth, and I could choose a place at that table, I would sit at the Southern tip of Florida, at the nexus of North America and the Caribbean. My plate would touch Cuba, the Florida Keys, the Yucatan, the West Indies, the Bahamas, and South America. And, if time could tell, I would listen to the tales of voyagers, discoverers, traders and mystics who, in searching for “the Indies”, the Great Kahn and the riches of China, discovered something much more valuable and enduring, A New World of Culinary Treasures. Almost instantly, the cuisines of the Old World began to merge with foods of the new one; This evolutionary and inexorable fusion lies at the heart of New World Cuisine.”

— Norman Van Aken, July, 1993
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