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I have begun hosting my virtual, online cooking classes, “Cooking with Norman”. If you’d like to join in all you do is register via our website and you will be sent a link via email. So easy! I am cooking in our home with cameras that show me, my cutting/prep area, and our stove top. Those taking the classes are in their homes … with friends/family etc. We make a party out of it!

To sign up for my upcoming cooking classes, visit my “Cooking with Norman page”. I am partnered up with “My Walrus App” which handles the tech side of things marvelously. 

To subscribe to my mailing list, simply go to the top of my website there is an area where you can subscribe. It says, “Sign up from my cooking classes…” etc. Just push the ‘subscribe button’ and it will set it all up. 

The classes range from the simple to the more aspirational with varying price points. I look forward to your requests as to what you want to cook with me. Generally, the classes are about 60-70 minutes in length. We cook together! I’ll lead the demo and you and your gang at your place co-create alongside. I have the ability to take questions and such as we go. Oh, and yes … drinking is allowed! After all it is your home. I want to up your game and encourage you to learn new dishes and techniques. It doesn’t require unusual equipment and all the ingredients are easily obtained. You will receive my recipes and the primary tools etc. it takes to make the foods. Some pre-prep is often a good idea and I’ll advise on the specifics of that for each class. You will want to have your foods easily at hand so that you can be focused and enjoy the time we share. If you have time to say, peel the garlic or carrots for recipe you can do that before we meet up. This isn’t a contest! So, wear some comfortable clothing, perhaps an apron to make you feel the role and let’s get cooking!

PS: As you can see on my website, I’m also doing classes for private and corporate entertaining and educating. If you have an interest in that please let me know! And…. I have also launched a line of sauces (and more) for your home kitchens. Just look under “products” on the site.

“Life is too short to miss out on cooking delicious food with Friends and Family!”

Best, Norman

The photo here is of a dish as prepared by recent attendee Nathan Thornburgh. He made it with his two youngish sons. The boys gave Dad, ‘thumbs up!’ Nathan is CEO of Roads & Kingdoms, which he co-founded with food writer Matt Goulding and at which Anthony Bourdain was a partner from 2015 until his death. Thornburgh also hosts the Roads & Kingdoms-produced podcast ‘The Trip’.

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