Cooking with Norman

Please join me virtually for fun and informative classes

Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Coca Cola Collards

Thursday, October 21, 2021 | 7pm EST

This dish comes from our love of Southern Cookery. We will put together one of my favorite spice rubs and crust it on the pork before we roast it. Alongside you will learn one of the dishes that my cookbook, "My Florida Kitchen" a “gold medal recipient” and that is the Coca Cola Collards! This method with the great, leafy greens will even have the kids asking for more.

Cast Iron Roasted Sea Scallops with Citrus-Champagne Butter and Braised Spinach

Thursday November 18, 2021 | 7pm EST

I adore Sea Scallops that are 'diver harvested' and cooked correctly. I’ll share my sources for the pristine shellfish I use with all of you! We will prepare a luxurious, classic butter sauce which will be in your own repertoire for all time and then we will do a textbook sear on the beautiful scallops basting them with love as they become slightly crisp on the exteriors and properly cooked barely through on the inside. You might even make an appetizer version of this during one of your Holiday get togethers!

Creamy Mushroom, Leeks and Truffle Soup with Parmesan Toasts for a Holiday Feast!

Thursday December 16, 2021 | 7pm EST

This is a soup that will create Holiday Memories to last a very long time. It is our good fortune that truffles begin to arrive in the market during this celebratory time of the year. This is a rich soup with flavors that just keep on coming. I’d drink a 'grower’s Champagne' with her. The first dish that I ever made that even made the waiters come and giving me a round of applause was back in my Pier House days in Key West. This soup is the DNA of that very one!

“Chef Norman has always been a mentor to me on many levels over the years.”

— Nina Compton, Chef, Restaurateur, James Beard Award Recipient
Please join me virtually for fun and informative classes

Cooking with Norman

Hi Everyone!

I am hoping all of you are well and able to return to living, cautiously but firmly back to the life we knew. And just maybe there are parts of the last year that you will actually want to hold on to! During these previous months we have been doing Instagram videos while at home. Hard to believe but we’ve done well over 100 of them! But …. this has all been a ‘warm up act’ because now we are going to take it a big step further and invite you all to cook with me as I’m launching my Cooking Classes, “Cooking with Norman”. They will all be done ‘virtually’ … a phrase that has become infinitely more understood in the past year. You will be able to gather with your friends and family all in the comfort of your home kitchen and we will spend time cooking, creating, laughing, learning and then eating what we have made!

Through my website you can sign up for a wide variety of classes from the quite simple, time honored, family favorites to some that are more akin to what you would find if you were dining in a nice restaurant. Now more than ever I believe that we need to give ourselves the nurturing qualities that cooking can bring us. It is doing something that takes us away from the routine of too much work and not enough play. Because to me that is what cooking is. It is an activity that encourages us to do something nourishing, ancient and human. And we need it. For our families, our friends and for ourselves. The collaboration that occurs in a kitchen joined in the activity of preparing a meal is like no other. And at the end of each class, we will all have learned something that we can then hold on to and do it again if we wish. The lesson is something you can keep forever. And it will be delicious!

— Norman

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