A Word On Food: Preserves

Preserves & Canning

I’m thinking maybe more than a few of you folks listening might have wondered what I meant by the word preserves. We don’t converse about preserves like we did in the faraway 1950’s. Nor the term canning. But preserving and canning were big in our childhood home. And it is my bet that they come back as we are living in a world that is seeking a way to return to some of the things that should never have gone out of our existence and only did because of the ragged treadmill we have been getting crushed by. Let’s retrieve some of the activities more fully that our forbears loved. 

Preserving and canning techniques and recipes encompass fruits, vegetables, poultry, fish, mushrooms and even nuts. It is a way of not only capturing flavors … it is a way of capturing time itself! For a concise, yet highly informational book on this subject I recommend, “Well Preserved” by Eugenia Bone. 


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