The New York Times Visits Miami

The article provided in the link was written by award winning journalist Brett Anderson (@BrettEats) in for The New York Times. (@nytimes).

It is a feature on local rising star chef Niven Patel who is moving forward despite the challenging times for which I say, ‘Bravo!’. Each generation in every cultural center has the right to have their dreams ‘not deferred’. I am rooting for Niven and that team’s new ventures.

Thanks to Mr. Anderson for mentioning me in the article along with other chefs in Miami who’ve spent decades providing residents and visitors the best of what they respectively have in their hearts.  Cindy Hutson, Michelle Bernstein, Michael Schwartz and Douglas Rodriguez are also appropriately mentioned. Allen Susser and Hedy Goldsmith as well should be added to that list. As well as Robbin Haas (R.I.P.)

I am very proud of the new generation of chefs in Miami such as Michael Beltran, Phil Bryant, Veronica Valdivia, Eileen Andrade, Cesar Zapata, Gio Fesser, Justin Flitt, Matt Hockin, Mike Pirolo, Victor Santos, Janine Booth and Jeff McGinnis Miguel Massens, Brad and Soraya Kilgore, Nando and Val Chang, Zak, “The Baker” Stern, Andrew Zarzosa, Lindsay Autry, Devin Braddock, Shuji Hiyakawa, Bobby Frank, Manuel “Manny” Echeverri, Clay Conley, Luciana Giangrandi and Alex Meyer and others. A few I’m sure I will be sorry to say I’ve missed.

We will rise from these ashes … once science and medicine win the day. And like the phoenix we will be lifted by the hearts and minds, (blood, sweat and tears) of those whose names are on this page.

I can’t wait to taste it, and cook it too.

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