A Word On Food: Biscotti


In these times of worry, confusion and even the sense of confinement it is good to look back with gratitude to the people who have made life marvelous as well. It is especially nice when it is a local hero who our community was so very proud. I was a long time fan of the brilliant Maida Heatter. She blew my mind through her cookbooks back when we were still living down in Key West. I’ll never forget a cake out of one of Maida’s classic books that included white pepper. Revolutionary! A hot spice in a dessert! It worked like a spell! She emboldened us to try other desserts involving non‑traditional ingredients when I was still the Chef of Louie’s Backyard. Our pastry chef, Sue Porter was also an ardent fan … she might even have said a disciple of Ms. Heatter’s. Like many pastry chefs across the land. Home bakers too. Maida’s cookbooks flew off the shelves and she toured the country to educate people from coast to coast with her chutzpah and grace. 


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