“Remember When”, Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson

There are certain songs that make you fall in love with your life partner all over again… If you are very lucky. And this song is certainly one of ‘those songs’ that will release that emotion. It is his patience and strength that I find in his voice that makes ‘Remember When’ one I place on my turntable with a kind of reverence. Not a whit of self pity for the tumult that life bring us spills from Mr. Jackson. Only the pedal steel guitar cries between the verses. This song is that box of old photos you stumble upon while looking for something altogether ordinary on an ordinary day. You look at the fading images and marvel at how quickly it all passes, yet how beautiful too it is to have been given life. Though the video is fine you don’t need that part. Close your eyes. Listen. You have your own video in your mind’s eye. Remember when.

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