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An Interview with Norman Van Aken

A kind friend of mine came across this interview I did a few years ago when the cookbook, “My Key West Kitchen” had come out. I wrote that book with our son Justin. Justin was born in Key West in 1980 and resides there now with his loving wife, Lourdes and their beautiful daughter, (or Grand!) Audrey Quinn Van Aken.

The interview was conducted by Margaret McSweeney. Margaret is a lovely woman who dined with us in Chicago while we were on our book tour for ‘My Key West Kitchen’ at a restaurant owned by Chef (and dear friend) Art Smith. She and I did this interview over the phone.

I hope you enjoy. The book is in print and available. It is a good way to arm chair travel while we are all keeping close to home!

Here is how Margaret encapsulated it, Grab a slice of key lime pie and enjoy a delicious show with James Beard award winning Chef Norman Van Aken. Savor his recipes from My Key West Kitchen along with a side of fun stories about friendship and adventures with Chef Charlie Trotter, Chef Emeril Lagasse, Jimmy Buffett”. 

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