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Father & Son, Co-Authors
Father & Son, Co-Authors

The website, ‘Atlas Obscura’ reported , “The world’s oldest surviving cookbook isn’t a book at all—it’s a set of ancient Babylonian tablets from around 1700 B.C. It doesn’t so much have recipes as explanations of certain dishes, such as a ‘clear broth’ that begins with steps like “meat is used” and “prepare water,”. The tablets can be found at the Yale Babylonian Collection.”

Oh! I can still see my first editor’s face in my mind if I were to have handed in my inaugural cookbook if I had been so vague as that! The red pen marks she made would have obliterated the page! She wanted clarity and no way could I fail to deliver that! She said … eyes flashing, ‘Norman …the everyday home cook has to be able to make these recipes and not be lost!”. Her name is Risa Kessler and through all of the process of me being a first time author of a cookbook we became dear friends and put out the book, “Feast of Sunlight”. 


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