A Word On Food: School Lunches

When it came to going to school my sisters and I lived in a world that was routine. No home schooling existed. Many of you would add; mercifully. The only thing that prevented us from attending grade school every weekday from September until June would have been a white out blizzard. I walked to our Northern Illinois bus stop with little sister Bet a few steps behind and our older sister Jane always leading. Three ducklings making their way to the scholastic pond. We each held school books and our school lunch. Every memory I have of those times seems to be wrapped in fog, mist or snow. I can’t seem to conjure the days when the sun shone brightly. I suppose that those are all memories of summer … when lunch was something else altogether different.

We had our school lunches in the same room that school assemblies were held, school dances took place, graduation ceremonies celebrated … and the basketball games were played in front of an enthusiastic gallery of the local families. Between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. there was a rotation of 1st through 8th graders where we had 30 minutes to eat our school lunches. The noisy excitement of children that age is still with me. 


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