A Word On Food: Pasta

We have been together on this program awhile you and I. We are getting close to A Word On Food show #400. Yet how have I not yet done a show on pasta? It is one of those things that is so common in our lives we can forget them. But that would leave us without one of life’s greatest food pleasures. For today I speak about pasta as it pertains to the types so revered in Italy and then found home everywhere that people cook, eat and share. 

Even with that being said pasta was not a mainstay at home when I was growing up. It took time before I became acquainted with the real stuff. I know our mom made box spaghetti because our father threw a fit about it one night. He wanted steak. If he had only known what pasta could be.

I started to become fascinated with pasta one softly lit afternoon walking on my way to work. As I was passing 615 Duval Street I saw a woman working in the very front window of a newish restaurant in Key West. It was named, ‘Antonia’s’. She was studious and totally focused on her work. It was as if the glass window she stood on the other side was of no distraction to her. She was all about making the pasta as perfectly as she could. It was like a Vermeer painting coming to life. 


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