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A Word On Food: Paella

PAELLA Photo by Tim Turner

Years ago we were in New York City to do a culinary event. We went to a new restaurant making waves back then operated by our chef friend, Bobby Flay.  Bobby has a lot of genuine passion for Spanish foods. He knew I did and do as well. The name of his new restaurant back then was BOLO. Our discussion turned to paella.  He was telling me about a problem that I have encountered too.  There is a still common misconception that the rice used for paella should be an Uncle Ben’s type.  Some I’m sure well-intentioned customers have even offered to share their “authentic recipes” to us, in their view, ‘misguided’ types. We were bemused by that and also in total agreement that it is the short grained “arborio” type of rice that is what makes risottos and paellas so wonderful.


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