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A Word On Food: Moros y Cristianos

I cannot say when I first had the combination of black beans and white rice often named “Moros y Cristianos”. But I can tell you where. Key West. Life changed for me on the Island I came to call home while still a very young man. The exotic nature of the Southernmost part of the continental United States seeped into my heart and consciousness in multiple ways. The smell of the flowers,  the languid motions of waving palms and drooping bougainvilleas, the murmur of the rocking waters, the sights of the unique wooden homes with people hanging out on their porches just reveling in the calm, and, yes most lastingly on me; the food. Being a person who took one year of Spanish in high school didn’t prepare me for understanding the menus in the restaurants of those days. What I ordered had to do with me seeing what others were having often times. To read words like ‘Moros y Cristianos’ would have gotten me nowhere. I had to eat it to learn it. 


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