A Word On Food: Mexican Breakfasts

Mexican Breakfast

Evidently we need to handle the fact that … though the virus we are beset with may ebb and flow … it is not likely to go altogether away anytime soon. It will take longer if folks don’t listen to the medical and science experts that I am sure of. Maybe it is due in part to this that I found myself reminiscing about a Mexican breakfast I first experienced long ago. 

Before I was a cook in a short order diner I had other jobs. I bounced between them to pay the bills but it wasn’t until cooking came along that I finally found my passion. Pieces of that journey were found in distant places. One of them was Kansas. I had been hitchhiking ostensibly to get to Alaska and work on the huge oil and gas pipeline there. They were paying some unheard of amounts of money to hourly workers like me. My pal Paul and I had reached Colorado and stopped for some cheap and filling food at a 24 hour pancake house. As we grabbed our knapsacks to continue the journey a guy walked up and asked if we wanted to make some money working in Kansas. 


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