A Word On Food: Medianoches

Saying medianoches might sound to some like I’m saying midnights as in a plural of them. But since is this is “A Word On Food” and we are in Southern Florida many of you knew I was and am… speaking of the sandwiches so named.

The debates as to the birthplace of the Cuban Sandwich have raged for eons. Some fight for it being created in Cuba. Probably not. Some fight for Miami. I’d be cool with that. Some fight for Tampa as being the place it was first made. In Tampa the rule is that it is made with salami is a component. It matters little to me if salami is included or not as I have no qualms about enjoying it either with or sans. I’m an omnivore. It is the sensuous and enduring embrace of ‘meat and cheese’ that make it so compelling. It is also the textural dynamics that make the beloved Cuban and Medianoche sandwiches so irresistible. The plancha or sandwich press is the marvel that brings the Cuban sandwich to the alter of perfection. Almost shatteringly crisp, toasted bread on the exterior and then the gooey, pull of the melty cheese on the inside weakens the knees. I’m hungry now! 


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