A Word On Food: How To Cook These Days

Wise sentences for these times are needed more than ever. One of the sentences I’m enjoying is, “You are not stuck at home, you are safe at home”. Of course some aren’t. Some are in hospitals. Some are buried. For the majority of us we are home as we’ve been told by the medical and scientific community we must be. Those folks are the ones who give us the best guidance in that they are motivated purely by intelligence. I, along with my wife Janet, try to go about our day making the best of the time we can as we wait for the curve to flatten … and the smoke to clear. Typically I find inspiration for my shows from being out in the community and visiting our area’s restaurants and the markets. “A Word on Food’ would be a colorless, taste empty, fragrance devoid place without the delicious hours we have in the 305 … and beyond if we travel. Needless to say those options are on hold for the foreseeable future. But still… humans need to eat.


Now it’s time to hit the ‘Listen on WLRN’ button at the top to hear the remainder of my show. ‘A Word On Food’ airs on WLRN every Saturday around 8:30 a.m. at 91.3 and also 91.5 on the radio. I want to thank so many of you who tell me in person how much you are enjoying the show. Please stay safe and keep up the social distancing so we can all get back to ‘the old days’.– N.

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