A Word On Food: Carnitas

The first time we tried to check out the place that inspired me to write this show it was closed. But that made sense in that it was New Year’s Day. I was prepared for that possibility. Heartbroken but prepared. I’ve long been a proponent of ‘word of mouth’ recommendations from our vibrant South Florida food community. The absolute center of it is the magazine known as ‘Edible South Florida’ and is run with passion and brains by Ms. Gretchen Schmidt. If you are unfamiliar with that magazine and you love food, farming, farmer’s markets, cooking, community events, gardening, culture and more … done at the grass roots level this should be on your radar stat. 

The adage is true for food trucks as it is for truck stops. If you see a lot of cars and folks out front … odds are it is good. Especially so if the place is out in what for many would be … the middle of nowhere. Now … I don’t feel that way about Homestead. My wife, Janet and I love the rural, gentle landscape of farms and fruit groves to be found there. It is a hike. But man … what rewards you get! This week’s show is on carnitas so while I could wax on about all of the area to our south offers let me get to the pork of the matter. 


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