A Word On Food: Barbecue

Few food topics unites us and divides folks in the USA like barbecue. I am of the belief that it is because it touches us in a very passionate place. Our sense of hunger mixed with tradition. What we grow up with. The Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang wrote, “What is patriotism but the love of the good things we ate in our childhood?”

I was watching a ‘Chefs Table: BBQ’ show a few nights ago on the life story (thus far) of barbecue pit master Rodney Scott. It was a beautiful and sometimes lonely portrayal of his life. Mr. Scott learned barbecue from his father who evidently was a stern taskmaster. Rodney was an only child and lived his life in near solitary ways. He dreamed big though as he cut the wood for his fires, shoveled hot coals, turned whole hogs over on his pits, lived in a world of smoke in his eyes, cooked by hand, worked without sleep often and was even belittled by some classmates on his high school’s graduation night. One young woman’s remarks were especially biting as she estimated he’d be ‘cooking hogs down the street for his entire life’.


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