Tom Waits Reads Charles Bukowski

Many years ago it was my great luck to see Tom Waits perform in a very small venue in Chicago. He was really just becoming the star he eventually would. But back then it was an insiders group that braved a nasty Midwestern storm to see his show. A single spotlight shone down on his unruly hair, rumpled clothes and crooked grin. I’ve admired him from a distance ever since. Not that I chose distance. But Tom Waits lives in a land of his own creation. God Bless him.

In this video we get to watch the songwriter of the lost hearted read a song of the poet of the happily damned … Charlies Bukowski. One of my favorite topics to rap about with my chosen brothers is the reckless brilliance of ‘Buk’. I found his poems and stories about the same time in life I did T.W. And the kindred souls they are meet up in this reading.

Grab a potent beverage.

Hit the link for YouTube.

Turn off all the lights but one candle.

The world is about to glow.

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