Moving On Out Party!

Chef Team

As George Harrison put it so well, “All Things Must Pass”. So, after 16 award-winning years we are going to go out in style with some of our dearest and most talented friends.

On Saturday, August 3rd we will gather with the following folks and a roomful of guests who will make me, Janet, Tom and Kim know once again how fortunate we’ve been to share all of this in such an amazing place and with one of the finest restaurant families that has ever been assembled. Some of whom have moved on as life will tend to do that … and some who have been here many wonderful years. Sixteen years is nearly an eternity in this business. But to a one we have remained in touch with … they all have many, many warm memories of NORMAN’S.

Grateful? You bet. Moving to a new location. It’s in the works.

Stay tuned on that. First… we party!

For more information please call us at 407-393-4333.

The August 3rd Line Up thus far!


Scott Hunnel of ‘Victoria & Albert’s’

James & Julie Petrakis of ‘The Ravenous Pig’

Fabrizio Schenardi of ‘Four Seasons’


* Edward Lee

* Dean Fearing

Andres Mendoza

* Ming Tsai

* Norman Van Aken

Camilo Velasco

 * James Beard Award Winners


Kristy Carlucci, ‘The Osprey Tavern’,

Gloriann Rivera, ‘The Rusty Spoon’

Rabii Saber, ‘Four Seasons’


Matthew Citriglia

Laura De Pasquale


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