Edward Lee’s “Buttermilk Graffiti” in the L.A. Times; A Review by Amy Scattergood


To be candid I love Edward Lee. I came to know him after he came to know me. That happens when there is a generational divide sometimes. But something drew us together and in places like Atlanta, Napa Valley, Orlando, New York City and Miami we have had the chance to experience a growing bond. First we cooked and then we went out for drinks and late night conversations. It is rare to find a chef who loves reading and writing as we two do. It has deepened out bond. For that I’m grateful.

As you will read, Ms. Scattergood has wonderful things to say about Edward’s new book. It won a James Beard Award is a nice and noteworthy thing. I loved the Kerouac comparison. I have too been inspired by the “Legend of Duluoz”. Writer David Garnett covered this topic well in ‘The Guardian’. He wrote, “It wasn’t until a few years later, standing one blazing July afternoon at his, (Kerouac’s) grave in his Massachusetts hometown of Lowell, that I began to appreciate the scope of what Kerouac intended: a roman fleuve, a memoir cycle woven into the mythic, wondrous tapestry of his life.” I hope that Edward will also have much more to write as he goes along these American highways knife or pen in hand.

From the L.A. Times. Author Amy Scattergood.

“Sometimes an excellent book takes a while to travel to the top of your bedside stack. Sometimes it helps if you need a polla a la brasa recipe, or if the book wins a fancy award. Which chef Edward Lee’s second book “Buttermilk Graffiti: A Chef’s Journey to Discover America’s New Melting-pot Cuisine,” just did, taking home a James Beard Award in the writing category last month.”

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