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“Dear Miami”; An Open Letter from Norman Van Aken

The Editors of the New York City based company, “Star Chefs” asked me to write a letter to our city to coincide with their publication of the new issue of the Star Chefs Magazine, “Rising Stars”. It is about the emerging and vital talents of our Miami culinary community. The ceremony recognizes some of the brightest who’s lives and hearts revolve around the nurturing love of making food. There are more in Miami than are in this publication that deserve attention. Star Chefs appreciates this with me.

I have been very fortunate to be one of the founding chefs of Star Chefs. With many events not only in New York but also all around the country Star Chefs has helped foster a greater appreciation for all who love and inhabit the industry ‘heart and soul’. They’ve helped introduce me to other chefs across the USA in the process of doing some events that have helped define my career. The two who have helmed Star Chefs since the earliest days and remain at their respective posts are Editor-In-Chief Antoinette Bruno and Managing Partner Will Blunt. They are quite the team! Star Chefs has put on an extraordinary “Star Chefs Congress” in NYC every year that joins chefs, artisan food producers, wine and beer makers, business leaders, societal icons and more to spend time together brainstorming, teaching, speaking and sharing helping us all to become better while being motivated deeply in the truly wonderful sessions the Congress creates. I highly recommend anyone who is in the world of food to try to attend one year. I’m betting you will go often after that. The names of the presenters are a Who’s Who of all things food and drink.

Please join me in toasting the new generation who wear an apron and a smile while they resolve to not only survive but flourish in what has been a daunting time for independent restaurants in America. My letter is here. — Norman

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