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A Word On Food: Yoshoku Cuisine

Fusion cuisine has been around for a long time. Maybe since the origins of fire. Certainly since the ages of exploration. It just didn’t have a name. That was something I gave it. I was searching for an understanding on what I was looking to do with my cuisine. That is another story for another time. And while it was not called ‘fusion cuisine’ yet … one came alive in the mid 1800’s. The Japanese knew they were behind the Western world when U.S. Commodore Matthew C. Perry came to Japan in 1853. He arrived in large warships with armaments and technology that far surpassed those of Japan. He came with the intent to conclude a treaty that would open up Japanese ports to trade. The Japanese marveled at the sheer size of the Americans and came to the conclusion that the diet of the Westerners must have had much to do with it. Then meat was forbidden in Japan. A Buddhist diet was practiced. But practicality and survival are strong motivators to change. Even for a society as ancient and wise as that of the Japanese. 


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