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Won Tons

Won Tons

Who does not love won tons? These ethereal purse like morsels of food first appeared in the Pearl River Delta port of Guangzhou during the Tang Dynasty around 618-907 A.D. Then they followed the Cantonese diaspora, drifting east to Hong Kong. If you are not yet familiar, but do know more about Mediterranean foods they can easily be thought of as a way to fry or steam a filled pasta. The fillings are entirely up to your imagination and what’s on hand. So they can fit into our New World treasures here in South Florida to include the diversity of say, shredded leftover Cuban roast pork and bits of caramelized maduro plantains stuffed inside. Or … more traditionally serve them in an Asian mode and have them include crabmeat, scallions, garlic and lobster with … perhaps a ginger‑soy dipping sauce.

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