A Word On Food: Tropical Fruits

Some years ago my wife, Janet … sort of like that acting thing Peter Falk did in his memorable role as ‘Colombo’ inclines to go back just when we are leaving a place. ‘Oh …. one more thing’. Why? Who knows. It is a trait you try not to be bothered about after years of marriage. “Consider it part of her charm”, I’m reminded by my better angels. We were in New York City at a beautiful hotel and about to head off for an appointment. I thought Janet was right behind me and hit the down button for the elevator. The doors opened. There was a slender man in his bathrobe and pajamas. His hair obscuring his face as he looked towards the elevator’s floor. I saw Janet had ducked back into our hotel room a few yards down the hallway. I stuck my foot out to prevent the doors from closing and us descending without her, saying ‘sorry’ to the fellow passenger. He answered, “Not to worry”. I then realized that the man waiting with me was the actor William H. Macy. His voice right out of the movie Fargo was unmistakable. I said, “Oh. I’ll just get out”. He said, “No. No. No. My wife does the same thing”. And so we waited. Each understanding the other at once on this point. Soon she arrived holding up an umbrella with a ‘see?’ look on her smiling face.


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