Spring Rolls

Crispy Spring Rolls

We opened a cooking school in the Wynwood Arts part of Miami. Many people assume it is a school for professional types that are seeking a degree in cuisine. Nope. That is not what sparked me into seeking a way to do this. I have never been a student at a culinary school. I’ve learned from the people I’ve worked with along the way. I’ve learned a ton from my love of reading too. I can’t figure out how to get other folks to love reading. They have to have that in their hearts on their own. But … I can, as it turns out… engage the curious on how to cook. When they come to our school the range of folks to learn from is broad. I teach classes … and I love that. But I have to admit that it is my greater love to have members of our community from different lands and backgrounds to come and share their special knowledge and passion for the home cooking they do so expertly….

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