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A Word On Food: Pit Beef & BBQ


Some chefs start their careers in humble places and then work their way up the ladder to more and more fancy and complex places. And for some that is the goal. But some of them get up on that perch and say something that rhymes with “Tuck It”! And they seek to return to simpler visions. One such chef is my friend and one time protégé Chef Phil Bryant. Phil came up the old fashioned way. I first met him when he came to join his brother Michael out in Los Angeles when I opened up NORMAN’S on Sunset over a decade ago. I had not met Phil up to that point. He quickly proved to me that he could handle a ton of kitchen work and enjoy it. I liked his work ethic mightily. I still do. Phil and his life partner Veronica met in a restaurant I co-created in the Colonnade Hotel. Veronica and Phil remain together to this day. They are constantly getting to the essence of just exactly what makes sense to them to do and live true to their nature. As of late they have become dedicated to making Pit Beef and Barbecue. 

I had never heard of that regional dish. But knowing Phil and his gal Veronica were doing it I knew we had to go. On the Sunday we did they were doing a ‘pop up’ at the bar in Coconut Grove named, “The Taurus”. It is a perfect backdrop to the food and I hope it grows into a full time thing there.


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