A Word On Food: Last Suppers

Last Suppers

You have probably seen the images on television. I hope you have not had to live them. It is of a magnitude of heartbreak that humans should not have to bear. If there is one thing we’d need more than food or water at the end and that is human touch. There are families losing members, who are so sick that they must be separated by glass when the last hours come … not even allowed to attend them bedside. The contagion is so much at risk that only the medical professionals, the angels and soldiers wed into one that can touch them. Hands press glass from each side but skin is not met in those final moments. I have known what it means to be with a loved as they slipped their mortal coil. The greatest comfort to be found was in stroking their hair or hugging the departing cage that is their body. At the moment of death we are struck as hard as any bell as we sense their souls ascending. But, praise be, we had the ability to touch them. These are tough times alright. I can’t deny that I am older now. The guy I talk to in the mirror is at least twenty years older than me. I don’t get it. But there it is. Tick. Tock. 


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