A Word On Food: Iced Tea

Iced Tea

When I was a boy we lived in a sylvan place in Northern Illinois. A town not far from our was named “Half Day”. It was given that name in that it took half of a day to ride there from Chicago by horseback. Our town was Diamond Lake due to the roughly diamond shape of it. It too was a haven. That lake, along with the many trees and spacious fields in the area were my playground.  In the summer months I was happy to be exploring and wandering in it all wearing my prized Davy Crocket hat, swimming trunks, (cause you just never know when you might need to take a swim) and boy-sized cowboy boots. We had a good sized yard. So did our beloved grandparents who lived nearby. We lived as much as we could out of doors during those slow and dreamy months. Or … if not entirely out of doors in a screened in porch. Burning up all of that energy caused me great thirst and for some reason while coffee was not allowed to me at that age, iced tea was. Ahhh the changing circumstances of parental advice! Naturally I drank it with  truckload of white sugar. Tea is a complex subject. Like wine or the aforementioned coffee. The stuff we drank was not. I’m sure it was 100 % Lipton’s tea from the bags.


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