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A Word On Food: Grapes, (Happy New Year!)


Over my head on my writing desk I have a pen holder with the iconic graphic of the Sun Maid Raisin girl. She wears a broad sun bonnet and holds a large basket of luscious grapes. I carried a small box of those raisins in my lunch box to grade school many days growing up. The primary way I consume grapes in this age is of a more fermented kind. Pottery vessels have been found with traces of wine dating back to 6000 BC in the northern Zagros mountains of what is now Iran. There are biblical references to wine including the first miracle at Canaan when Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding feast. Noah planted a vineyard on Mount Ararat after the flood and is not only the first recorded vineyard owner but also the first recorded drunk having consumed too much of his own wine.


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