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A Word On Food: Goat

Goat Stew

We got to our dentist and the normal teeth cleaning session. The sweet and amusing, Cuban lady that attends to us asked me right after she finished if I wanted a ‘Cuban coffee’…. I said, “Sure. A cortadito por favore”. She tipped back and laughed heartily. She is like that. She thinks I’m a little crazy I guess. In a good way. A few minutes later … as I was paying the receptionist my café was ready. I raised my cup to her and then asked her about the local Cuban restaurant within steps of the office. I thought that is where the coffee might have come from. We’d never been there. “No”, she said. “We make it here in our office” in her Spanish accent. I’m pretty sure with the old fashioned condensed milk I first had with Cuban coffee in Key West. Then I asked if the food was good. She said emphatically, ‘Very good. Especially if you like lamb”. My stomach growled in a language we all understand. 


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