A Word On Food: Frita Burgers

Sometimes they are called Cuban Hamburgers but I think that is more of an accommodation for those uninitiated in true Cuban food culture. Most folks drop the word ‘burgers’ and simply call them Fritas. So we will too. 

Recently we got to know some folks in town that we are enjoying visiting with while still be conscientious about safe social protocols. We all met up at Chef Micheal Beltran’s fine restaurant in Coconut Grove, Ariete for brunch recently. We sat on the sunlit patio and were soon pondering the menu and as our custom, the all important wine list. Eric is one of our new friends. I feel like we could have been buddies back in our Key West days. He wasn’t looking at the menu at all. I asked, “You already know what you want?” He said, “I do. the Frita. I get it whenever I come here. Best in town”. Those are some strong words! Stating who makes the best frita is going to get folks into an argument, no doubt. Some say “El Rey de Las Fritas”. Some Say, “Mago de Las Fritas”. But we were here at Ariete I now wanted one too. Eric made a deft decision and that was to order … ’a few fritas for the table … to start things off please!” Chef Mike’s delicious take on fritas soon arrived while we sipped some wine. His combination of beef, as well as chorizo sausage mixed along with the standard, pickles, bun and the shoestring fries got us all in a happy place. 


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