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A Word On Food: Dégustation Menus

As we now are ending the longest year of our collective lives it is time to end a number of things.  Of course there are loftier things to ditch. Discrimination, bullying, science haters and others. But one has to do with the particular field of work I chose to till in this life. And that, in part, is menu making.

I’m not sure exactly when I wrote my first attempts at what we call in English … a ‘Tasting Menu’. It is modeled directly from the French, as are many things in gastronomy. There it is known there as the ‘menu dégustation’. I was still in Key West cooking at the boutique Marquesa Hotel. I was completely besotted with the work of the Michelin ‘three star’ chefs of France and felt I was in good hands following the way things were done … and that meant an a la carte menu as well as a dégustation menu. For those unfamiliar a menu of this design is meant to showcase the absolute zenith of what the chef can do. It was lost on me that it might be too much. I was at an age when that kind of concern was like a form of failure.


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