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A Word On Food: Burnt Ends


We got out of the car and paid the meter. A blues guitar in the form and sweaty passion of Tab Benoit seethed out of the porch speakers of the Taurus Beer and Whiskey House. The song was ‘Cherry Tree Blues’. The lyrics are … memorable. If music were weather this would have been a pounding summer thunderstorm. The rain would taste like a cocktail made of smoke and bourbon. Being a Sunday it usually means us going to see a movie. But our chef friend Phil Bryant had posted a very enticing photo of his take on “Burnt Ends” and instead of cinema we were soon on our way to leafy Coconut Grove .. Our movie plans extinguished. 

Barbecue … like ‘blues music’ … finds it has the spiritual capacity … to offer a balm to pain despite the cries and moans singers and musicians cathartically extract with voice, guitars, harmonicas, drums and pianos. 


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