A Word On Food: Beignets

Like so many of you we have not been on an airplane in over a year. For us traveling was part of our work, our life and our identities. So many aspects of life have been informed by the trips we take which, by and large are done to participate in cooking events around the country and abroad. But Covid put the brakes on that like nothing seen before. But times are changing for the better and soon my wife, Janet and I will amble onto a jet, masked of course …  and blast off into the skies. The place we are going to first is the Midwest. In our homeland from long ago,  where our beautiful niece Madi will finally be able to celebrate her twice delayed wedding to her love in life, Ashwin. We can’t wait to be there!. But my mind finally can also daydream about other places to go at last! And I know that for us one of them will be a return to the Crescent City a.k.a. … New Orleans. 

A few years ago we went to New Orleans to do an ‘eating tour’. Yes that is as fun as it sounds. To prepare I do some research which includes chatting with fellow chefs and writers, and pouring over the latest advice online. The hard part is realizing we only have a few days so then to narrow the places down so as they fit into our schedule. I know, I know… tough assignment! One place that is never missed is the historic and rightfully treasured ‘Cafe du Monde’!  The Original Cafe Du Monde Coffee Stand was established in 1862 in the New Orleans French Market. The Cafe is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It closes only on Christmas Day and during an occasional, totally unwelcome hurricane assaulting New Orleans. Cafe du Monde’s menu consists only of dark roasted coffee, white and chocolate milk, freshly squeezed Orange Juice and, of course, beignets! What more is needed? It is vastly entertaining to experience it. Abandon any discretions about calories! To be there is to indulge your childhood fantasies anew. 


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