Memories and Musings

Boat of Hope

A few times a week we head past the boat you see and into the ‘indoor-outdoor’ building behind it called “Fishbusterz”. It is a commercial and retail fish house on Stock Island. The folks who own it are having a tough time, as many are in this economy, that is doing better in the newspaper more so than the real streets. We buy the most beautiful fish at that place. It comes from the boats you see and more still coming to this harbor just north of Key West.

I went in the other day to buy some shrimp to smoke on the new smoker Justin just bought for us and saw a nice section of swordfish. I made an appreciative comment to the broad-chested, heavily tattooed man working the counter. He came around the display case to look at the fish within. He said, “If you really want some nice sword come back on Saturday when the next boat comes in”.

Now this sword in front of us was nice and he could have sold it and made the money but he actually advised me on a better experience for ME. That kind of thing inspires loyalty like few other things can. I bought the shrimp and some mahi for good measure and made plans to be back on Saturday.

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