Shakshouka. It sounds like a dance. But it’s actually a delicious meal with a fascinating history! Here’s this week’s, “A Word On Food”. Thanks WLRN radio 91.3 and 91.5. Broadcasting from Palm Beach to Key West….

Conch Salad Man!

Back in the day… as we say… there was a really fascinating man that we all knew by his nickname. He was “The Conch Salad Man”. Frank was his first name I learned later. He sold his Conch Salad out of white pickle bucket at the Sunset Celebration each night at Key…


“The best comfort food will always be greens, cornbread and fried chicken”. — Maya Angelou I had the great pleasure of cooking for Ms. Angelou twice. Her voice and her celestial face were simply amazing. Here’s my WLRN show on the subject of cornbread. One of the three in her food trinity….


Have you heard words like ‘fufú’ or ‘mofongo’? Want to learn more about them. They lead to delicious things! Here is my WLRN radio show on the subject….

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