A Word On Food: Dream Sheets

Not too long after I became serious about cooking … and the passion gripped me tightly .. I’ve twisted and wrestled around with food composition ideas while still in the requisite lunacy of dreams. Sometimes something useful comes out of the nocturnal pageant. Yet often it is a mishmash, so … in…

A Word On Food: Candy Bars

Our mother was proud of us as she watched us like little ducks following in some ancient rite of passage as we went to our first swimming lessons at Happy Hollow on Diamond Lake in the late days of May or early June. Truth was that the lake was still mighty cold….

A Word On Food; Jamison Farm

I mostly talk about food here. And I will be doing that with this show. But it is impossible to speak about food without remembering the farms that make it available to us. The poet, philosopher and farmer Wendell Berry put it so well when he wrote, “Eating is an agricultural act”….

A Word On Food: Saffron

When I was becoming more of a chef than I line cook I was beginning to take on the tasks of writing my own menus. I was living in Key West at that juncture of my life. Key West was a great place to buy certain plants…. but unlike a city such…

A Word On Food: Duck

A man was in the restaurant for lunch just the other day and enjoyed his meal very much, but wanted to know why no restaurants serve duck anymore.  Well I had to fight back a smile because just the very night before we had cooked a charity fund raising dinner and had…

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