Time Out Market Miami

Time Out Market Miami
Time Out Market Miami

As you can read from the link the operators of ‘Three’ and ‘No. 3 Social’ are joining in the upcoming Time Out Market Miami. This upscale food hall joins in the list of Time Out Markets that are making quite a hit in Lisbon and are soon on the way in Montreal, Chicago, Boston and yes… Miami! I have created a concept we have named, “K’West”. The pronunciation is “Cay West”. Keys are also known as ‘Cays’ in the Caribbean so the name is a play off of that.

The food will be like a road trip to magical Key West …. minus the clogged highway. As many of you know I got my start in the kitchens of Key West years ago. Living and working on the little Island was a big revelation for me. It taught me the honest, enticing flavors of the Caribbean that imbues “Cayo Hueso” with an inimitable charm that I still am under the spell of! Come this Spring you can taste them too.

— Norman

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