Miami Spice of the Week: Three

“It has taken Three no time at all to establish itself as the big dog in the Miami food scene. And while thrilling to watch (and eat), Three’s success is hardly a surprise considering it’s led by the esteemed Miami chef Norman Van Aken. What he’s done with his beautiful new Wynwood restaurant deserves your attention. And—as luck would have it—Miami Spice is a perfect time to introduce yourself to Three. It was one of the first Spice’s we crossed off on our list. On a recent visit, the service, food and ambiance were all magnificent. Van Aken himself circled the dining room, chatting amiably with diners and checking in with his team in the open kitchen to ensure things were running smoothly. They were running oh-so-smoothly indeed. And the result is our Miami Spice of the week.”

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