AD LIB In “The Miami New Times”

“One would be hard-pressed these days to find a restaurant that can’t, in some way, be called fusion. In Miami alone, Richard Hales smashes together Korean food and burger-shack fare at Sakaya Kitchen, while Phuc Yea’s Cesar Zapata cooks Viet-Cajun cuisine and has done so since long before it was featured in an episode of David Chang’s Netflix series Ugly Delicious. At Bradley Kilgore’s Alter, it would be shocking to find elements of any fewer than three countries’ cuisines on a single plate.

While fusion, for centuries, has resulted from the collision of peoples and cultures (think Peru’s Nikkei cuisine or Italy’s beloved pasta via China’s egg noodles), the recent freedom of chefs to do nearly whatever they want stems from one man: Norman Van Aken.”

Article by Zach Fagenson.

Please hit the link below to read the full article.


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