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There is a disparity today in this country between food knowledge and food preparation skills. We eat out in increasing numbers at fine dining establishments. We have celebrity chefs. Food programming on TV is at an all-time high and the media is inundating us on all things food. In every major American city there is a major food festival that brings together consumers with the chefs they idolize and the foods they crave. There are major food movements with artisanal purveyors and the fulcrum.

Good food has never been more part of the American conscious that it is now. However, at the same time we have home economics dropped from most education curriculums. The family dynamic has changed. We have single-parent and two-parent income households which means there is less time for a parent to teach their children how to cook. We have high-quality prepared foods, readily available to take home for the family dinner and we eat out.

The media and restaurants have set the bar high for what you should be preparing in your kitchen. However, consumers have not been given the tools to do so, this is where the disparity lies.

Our mission at ‘In the Kitchen with Norman Van Aken’ is to bridge this gap and fulfill the roll home economics courses and family cooking tradition now no longer provides. We will provide hands-on, small-group courses focusing on all things food. Our programs will span the globe and cover the gamut of cooking techniques. Our goal is to create schools across the country and become the new benchmark in cooking education for non-professionals.

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